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Tuesday Bluesday

on February 21, 2012

For some reason, nature did not take my side this morning when it sent in the snowy weather.  As a high school teacher, I still get a thrill out of looking out my window into this:


You know, the lure of a 2-hour delay, regardless of how much it messes with your plans, can really melt otherwise solid productivity.  No such luck.  Mother Nature came 2 hours too late.

I love my job most days.  It just seems to be Tuesdays that I grapple with my desire to educate in the public school system.  I’m not sure what that says about Tuesdays, but my argument for this is simply the fact that there are few redeeming qualities about Tuesdays. 

I mean, sure, they aren’t Mondays, but let’s face it, they don’t have a whole lot to offer.  Mondays give you a fresh start, a new challenge.  Tuesday mornings remind you that you still have 4 days with that challenge.  Wednesdays are nice, because you finally reach the apex of the work week, but Tuesdays leave a little too much uphill battling for me.  Thursdays are the day before Friday, and still 2 days away from Tuesday.  Fridays could possibly be my favorite day of the week, for the sheer fact that anticipation of a weekend is generally better than the weekend itself.  In the loop of it all, Tuesday is the day furthest from Friday (in both directions).  Yes.  Tuesdays.  I think they should become a weekly holiday.  No work on Tuesdays.

I usually need  little more nourishment to make myself burn the energy needed to fight my Tuesday Blues, and keeping a GF snack around is much easier than attempting to hunt one down.  I like all Envirokidz products, and keep a secret stash of them in my desk at work.

Koalas and Dr. Zevia can really cheer an afternoon up.


4 responses to “Tuesday Bluesday

  1. I think Tuesdays are the worst day of the week – at least Monday mornings, I wake up well rested after the weekends! Oh, well. Wednesdays aren’t so bad.

    And I have a secret soft spot for EnviroKids cereals. Have you tried peanut butter panda puffs? I feel very 5 years old when I eat them (out of the box with my hands) but they’re very tasty!

    • Aimee says:

      I actually have a box of panda puffs sitting in my cupboard as we speak. I have yet to break the seal for fear that I would either eat the entire box in one sitting…or worse, discover they taste like cardboard when I so much want delicious panda puffiness.

      I’ll take your word for their delectable quality and try to wait til morning to bust them out…No promises though.

  2. […] was not quite as ambitious today, seeing as how I usually have the Tuesday Bluesdays.  (Speaking of that post – was it really such a short time ago it was snowing??)  I planned […]

  3. […] Now, I must warn you that my expectations were low.  Not only did I hear “lentil” and “cracker” together and assume that I was going to gag at my own lunch, but I also got this box for $1.00 at a discount store. I was hoping that I could at least hide the taste/texture with some nut butter, cheese, or hummus.  Well, I was delightfully surprised that there was no need.  The crackers alone have a good taste and texture, and the nut butter was just a nice addition.  Score one for not hating my blusey-Tuesday. […]

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