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Thirsty Thursday

on February 23, 2012

Not the fun kind of thirsty Thursday.  I’ve been so ridiculously thirsty today that the hypochondriac in me wondered briefly if I have diabetes.  Which is really not a normal thought since I just had blood work done through school last month…And it was fine…And I was sick all day yesterday with some sort of stomach bug…So it makes complete sense that I would be thirsty, but you know.  The thought still flashed through my mind a few times.

Not only was I thirsty, but I was ravenous.  The extent of my food intake yesterday consisted of some lentil crackers.  Which didn’t stay down.  Needless to say it also makes sense I was hungry.  The hunger didn’t concern me though because that’s normal for me.

Breakfast was later today because I had a conference for school so I had a little more lounging time.  I didn’t have to leave my house until 7:45!  That’s seriously exciting, and due to this I had time for a more formal meal rather than whatever I normally take in the car that ends up more on my outfit than in my belly.

Breakfast consisted of two egg cups, a sliced kiwi, an apple cinnamon muffin (which is almost a lie because it’s more like a cupcake), and tea with coconut milk and stevia.

These egg cups are probably one of my favorite portable foods, but I choose to eat them in non-portable meals as well.  I don’t have a “recipe”, but it is based loosely off of the “Egg Muffin” recipe in Elisabeth Hasselbeck’s book (which I cannot believe I just said because I completely sound like my mother and I’m wayyyyy too young to sound like my mother QUITE yet).

These cups have spicy sausage, spinach, and cheese.  Delightful.  Its virtually just meat or veggies or both in a cupcake tin with half a scrambled egg added on top.

I really like milk.  All milks.  Cow milk, goat’s milk, coconut milk, almond milk, soy milk, hemp milk.  I get a few different ones each week to try in tea, coffee, protein shakes, etc.  I got coconut milk this week, and it is not my favorite in coffee, but it’s great in protein shakes and cereal.  What REALLY makes it worthwhile is this little gem:

I am completely, 100% in love with these flavored, liquid stevias.  I could probably OD on them if that’s possible and die a happy lady.  Yum.  I have an entire collection of them, and I’m super proud of that.  I will showcase it one day.

Lunch was a little less exciting, and because I forgot the lunch I packed for the conference, by the time I got home, I was starving so it needed to be quick.

Crunchy almond butter sandwich and black raspberry jelly on Udi’s white sandwich bread.  I had a side of some baby carrots that I devoured before I took the photo and half the bag of some spicy blue corn chips.

It was my first experience with gluten-free bread, and it was a good one.  The starvation didn’t hurt.  Neither did the fact that the bread is miniature, which makes me think its cute, which makes me love it regardless of taste.  Starvation and tininess aside, it did taste good, and it’s nice to know I won’t be missing “real” bread thanks to the little loaves of deliciousness.

Hope everyone had a great Thursday 🙂 happy-almost-Friday!!


2 responses to “Thirsty Thursday

  1. I look forward to your flavored stevia drop collection! I just have vanilla, but I lo-o-o-ve them!

    • Aimee says:

      Have you seen the other offerings recently? I tried vanilla first also, and loved it so much I couldn’t stop myself from buying a bunch of other flavors!

      I take them with me everywhere! The only downfall I can see is that it totally freaks people out. They think you’re dropping something illegal into your drinks if you do it in public.

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