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Sometimes it stinks…

on February 26, 2012

when you can’t smell!  I’ve been a little under the weather for the past few days.  I can tell my body has been trying hard to fight off a little bug, but it finally got me good yesterday.  I’m not a big fan of taking a ton of medications.  However, when I could barely breathe or swallow yesterday I decided if there was a time to take something, yesterday was it.

I had been holding on to a coupon for a couple dollars off of Vick’s Nature Fusion for cold and flu.  I thought it would be the perfect time to give it a go.  I sent Drew, with coupon stapled to his shirt sleeve (just kidding), a picture of the stuff, and a precise written description of where he should go/what he should look for, and was pleasantly surprised when he came home with not only the correct medication, but a new box of Fruity Pebbles as well.

Yay!  I always want kiddie junk food when I’m sick, and it makes me happy that this favorite of mine is gf.

So we all know I was happy with the cereal, but I am surprised to admit that I was pleased with the cold medication as well.  I was first surprised by the declaration of it’s “gluten-freedom” right on the front of the package.  Secondly, I was impressed by how well it worked.  My headache, fever, lack nostril breating, sore throat, and body aches all subsided an hour or so into the dose.  It also tasted like honey before I swallowed the pills down with some water.  A pleasant experience overall…as pleasant as one can be when you’re sick at least.

BTW  Not sure if I really need to say this, but I wasn’t asked by Vick’s or anyone else to rate this product, and I’m also in no way affiliated with them.  In fact, I was really never a fan of the company until I tried this stuff…So.  Yeah.  Buy it.  Unless you’re not sick.  Then you can buy it just in case you ever do get sick.  Or maybe that’s just asking to get sick…preparing for it before you are sick?  I don’t know, but I do think you can download a coupon for $4.00 off.  Yeah.  I tend to buy things I don’t want or otherwise need just because I have a coupon.  I don’t recommend it.

Now that I think about it, I’m rambling, and because I’m sick I’ll blame it on the sickness.  Or maybe I should blame it on the medication.  Yeah…on second thought, don’t buy it unless you’re sick.  And if you take it, don’t blog (just in case it is the fault of the Vick’s).


2 responses to “Sometimes it stinks…

  1. Maureen says:

    You poor thing! I hope the Vick’s and Fruity Pebbles make you feel all better!
    I had to laugh at how you sent your husband to the store with EXACT directions. I have started sending pictures of what I need to my husband, so he knows exactly what to get. I am pretty sure I cause him anxiety. My go to “feeling bad” food is Spaghetti-O’s…it always makes me feel much better.

    • Aimee says:

      I’m beginning to feel much better! Thanks!

      My husband says I’m too high strung, but I know better than to leave him with any questions of what I could possibly want. He will either buy everything resembling what I want EXCEPT for the specific product. OR he will become overwhelmed with choices and return with NOTHING.

      I used to love spaghetti-O’s! I have yet to find a gf substitution for that. If anyone has ideas let me know!

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