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Good Food, Gluten Free

What’s been missing

on March 11, 2012

Though I’ve felt 10,000,000 times better in my daily life since the switch to a gf diet, I am constantly feeling as if something important is missing.

Have I been taking my vitamins? Check.  Did I remember to feed the dog?  Of course I did.  She’s kind of fat anyway, so if she misses one meal that’s okay.  Did I lock the door on my way out?  I went out through the garage.  Did I turn the stovetop off?  I checked it 16 times, but I’ll go back to make sure.  Am I wearing underwear?!?  Yep.  Whew.

So what is it that’s missing?  None of the crazy things that have been running through my mind.  However, those intrusive thoughts are what have led me to the conclusion:  exercise.

I have way fewer bizarre thoughts when my body is as exhausted as my mind.  Lately, though I’m tired from constantly analyzing what I’m about to eat, my body is revved up, raring to go.  I’m active at school, constantly running around and Summer, my Fitbit, tells me that I walk over 10,000 steps a day by the time track practice and gymnastics practice are over.  But that activity isn’t the type of exercise that gives you a mental break.  

Since I’m a little terrified to workout that hard after a few months of doing next to nothing, and it is 65 degrees here (!!! :)) I’m taking a little bit of the easy way out.  I’ll be taking this little lazy-slob ball of energy on a hike.Image

I’m not sure who will pass out first…sometimes she completely stops, lays down, and you have to carry her.  I think I’ll be taking the hubby along as back-up in case both of us stop, lay down, and need a lift.

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