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It’s truly insane

on March 13, 2012

I am referring to a lot of insane things going on in my life right now.  First, that it is 70 degrees in March.  Secondly, that I realized from my last post how disturbingly obsessed with my dog I am.  Thirdly, that Insanity, is in fact, insane.

Being the psychotic-plan-follower dedicated fitness fan that I am, I woke up at 4:15 am on Monday to get the 50 minute workout completed with plenty of time to pass out on the couch complete a leisurely morning routine.  As I get further into the program, I will share my experiences.  So far my only comments are that it is named as such for a reason, and I hope they don’t actually expect you to be able to do some of the exercises completely on the first day (if so I may as well give up now).

Instead I will share some things I learned:

  • I get slap happy around 9pm if I have been up since 4:15 am with next to no sleep the previous night (thanks to a sickie for a husband and daylight savings time).
  • Getting ready at a leisurely pace is somewhat overrated…I prefer the dash-out-the-door method if only for the extra 30 minutes of sleep I get.
  • Doing anything at 4:15 in the morning is very hard for me.  I had my sports bra on inside out.  Why did I think I could work out??
  • The nice thing about an early work out is that sometimes you forget you worked out at all and decide to run with your track athletes.  Double bonus.
  • It’s nice to not have to worry about a workout when you get home from work.  It = more puppy time. 🙂

I was not quite as ambitious today, seeing as how I usually have the Tuesday Bluesdays.  (Speaking of that post – was it really such a short time ago it was snowing??)  I planned to get home after coaching around 7pm, and get a good Insanity session in.  I did such, though I admit it was hard knowing the light was shining outside so brightly.  I opened the windows to pretend I was basking in the sun.  I’m pretty sure the second day was equally hard.  Another note:

  • 4:15 am and 7 pm on Tuesdays = not the best times for Aimee to work out.

After my near hour of a workout, I had a delicious salad and some dark chocolate to end my day.  When the weather gets nice I can’t help but crave fresh fruits and veggies.

A ginormous plate of spinach, a little more avocado than necessary (ok who is joking? there’s never too much), some tomatoes, red and green bell pepper, a scoop of jalapeno refried black beans, cheese from the giant bag (that is dwindling btw), and salsa.  Delectable.

Tomorrow is both trash day and WIAW so I better scoot off to dump some recyclables (my job; Drew’s = weekly trash) and find some more green stuff to eat since my veggie drawer has been getting a lot of use these past few warm days.  Hope your weather is as nice as mine!


4 responses to “It’s truly insane

  1. Maureen says:

    4:15?? Man! I get up at 4:45 every morning…in order to work out in the am, I’d have to get up no later than 4. Nope! I will FORCE myself to go the gym after work rather than get up THAT early! Love the salad…very close to my dinner last night.

  2. Salad looks delicus! And it’s true – there’s no such thing as too much avocado.

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