Glutton for Gluten-Free

Good Food, Gluten Free


on March 16, 2012

I have not disappeared…Well, not in the literal sense at least.  I have disappeared in the sense that I’m currently doing as much reasearch and recon as I can, so I’ve left the husband with some man things to do and I’m at my parent’s house.  Without trying to sound like the “hypochondriac” or “whiner” that I’d sound like if I breached this topic with my non-gluten intolerant/sensitive friends, I’ll sum it up.  I got glutened.  Again.

I’m beyond frustrated…both with myself and with the carelessness of others.  I won’t go into a lot of detail.  But after very hesitantly and carefully attempting to eat at an ice cream place that boasts gluten-free options, the woman working handed me the wrong order.  I commend her for getting the others to change gloves and wipe down machinery and take extra care.  I watched them do it, and felt satisfied.  As I took a break from my control-freak glaring skeptical observation while they made my husband’s order, I must have missed where they specifically put down my ice cream.  I was handed the wrong order.  After all of that precaution.  Again, in the worker’s defense, the 2 orders LOOKED the same, but the one she had given me had gluten in it.  There was no denying it when not long after I had the telltale signs.

So for those of you out there who are more accustomed to living the gf lifestyle than I am, HELP!  I know I made the mistake as soon as I took my eyes off that ice cream, but should I give up completely on allowing anyone else to prepare my food?  How often did you get glutened at first?  What can I do to ensure fewer gf accidents?  How long do your symptoms usually last?  Do symptoms become more brief if you’ve had longer amounts of time between accidental glutenings?

Help if you have any advice/encouragement!  I promise to be back with something happier and friendlier tomorrow…I’m going to a few health food stores.  They’re much better in a bigger city, so I’m excited to see what they offer.


2 responses to “Frustrated…

  1. So sorry you’re feeling frustrated! If it’s any consolation, I managed to gluten myself probably once a week for the first month or two I was GF. Eventually, you get better at knowing what to avoid, and picking up on little things you wouldn’t have guessed (mine were jars of cumin and honey that were leftover from my gluten days and I didn’t know I’d contaminated, licking envelopes, and Starbucks chocolatey chips!)

    • Aimee says:

      I’m hoping I can catch on quickly! It seems so daunting to have a giant list of foods I can’t eat and an even larger list of things I can’t eat but don’t KNOW that I can’t eat yet. It makes me want to avoid every food. Ever. I’m not even sure that made sense…does gluten affect your brain too?

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