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on March 17, 2012

Happy St. Patrick’s Day to you all!  I’m celebrating today, and not in the “green” way that many others out there are.  While I’d be all for some green beer if I could stomach it, I’m feeling more celebratory regarding the new leaf I’m about to turn over.  (So I guess, it might still be a green celebration).

I took the celebration on a shopping spree trip with my mom to a health food (super)store and Earth Fare.  I still find it strange that trips to health food stores have become my favorite adventures and the mall is mostly stress these days.  I gained a lot of information and even more goodies.  After breakfast with my momma on the road, I started off the shopping day downing 16 oz. of this stuff:

I love the giant sized can, and I love that fizziness always makes me feel a little better.  I got a ton of goodies, and didn’t photograph them all, but snapped a few to share:

Sometimes I don’t notice my shopping theme, but I usually have one.  I’ll buy all things that are the same color, or all the same flavor, etc.  Today the theme appears to be coconut.  Not that I’m surprised.  The tea was a last minute find, and I hope it is good.  I almost purchased a coconut chocolate flavored tea, but noticed it contained barley before I dropped it into the cart.  This one seems to be safe.  Dr. Oz even mentioned that this type of fermented tea is useful for shrinking fat cells.  I purchased it more for the coconut on the front and that fact that I love nearly every tea from The Republic of Tea.  The rest of the pics are just some staples that needed to be restocked.

In addition to those fun items I loaded up on some more Zevia.  It was 40% off a 6-pack that was 5.99 to begin with.  I also made a trip through the make-up aisle.  This is an area that I’ve been very skeptical of since I started the gf diet.  Since I used a lot of natural cosmetic products, I wasn’t sure if “natural” meant “gluten”.  The new purchases I made today take the worry out of my face-painting.

I checked out two lines of cosmetics.  Emani and Zuzu Luxe.  Both companies boast cruelty-free, gluten-free, paraben-free, natural make-up.  I loved the contemporary colors that were available, and that I didn’t feel like a jerk spending a ton of money on products.  I purchased pressed mineral foundation, 2 mineral eye shimmers, and blush from the Emani line.  I purchased the best color eye shadow I’ve ever seen from Zuzu.  There’s also a little sprayer of hand-sani in the second picture.  Who doesn’t like some guilt-free sanitizer in case the ladies’ room isn’t lookin’ too spiffy?  In a convenient turn of events, I also was able to trade in some of my old mascara for a free ($10) mascara by Honeybee Gardens from EarthFare.  (On a side note, I also got 7 oz. of free cheddar cheese for St. Patty’s and a whole chicken for free from there…what a deal!!)

After I’ve tested these products a little more, I’ll let you know what I think.  First impressions are huge though, and I like what I see so far.

The last surprise from the day is this little gift from the madre:

Supposedly a person can pop one of these before a suspect dinner out or after a possible cross-contamination event and relive some of the side-effects a little.  I haven’t tried one, but a knowledgeable man at the store said this is the best one out there, and though it won’t completely stop an episode, it can at least help somewhat.  I’m super skeptical, but after the past couple of weeks I’m also willing to try anything.  If the time ever comes that I need one (which I’m sure it will, I just hope not for a long time), I’ll also let you know how these go.  Have any of you heard of them?  Tried them?  Any thoughts?

Lastly, on a more serious note, after reading an article in Gluten Free Living I was complelled to watch a video post that a 22-year old posted about how she feels being celiac.  I felt like it was very a very timely encounter for me.  I wasn’t sure I wanted to share this, but after re-reading my pity party post last night, I decided that I’m done letting others control how I feel (emotionally and physically).  Though I didn’t mention it last night, I have to admit that since being gf I’ve felt a little lost.  Aside from one student who I teach, I don’t know anyone who is celiac or gluten sensitive or even on a gf diet for other health reasons/benefits.  Though my parents have been really supportive and helpful, they’re both over 2 hours away.  The husband tries, and makes the right decisions, but he isn’t gf so it is hard for him to really feel what I feel.

Sometimes things are shared off-handedly by those close to me that I’m sick “again” because I ate gluten or that I’ve lost a lot of weight because I “never” eat.  I hear whispers that I’m “faking it” from those I don’t know well.  I do not feel that I have to justify any of those things, but let me just say that it’s not fun feeling ill, it’s not fun being stuck in the bathroom, and it’s not fun when you’re hungry and can’t stomach food.  There are some things you can’t fake, and I wouldn’t be giving up my beloved pizza and breadsticks as a game.

You can find the video here, and I encourage all of you out there (gf or not) to listen to what she has to say.


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  2. organicallymo says:

    My hubby LOVE Zevia! I love both coconut aminos AND coconut vinegar….both are used regularly in our house!

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