Glutton for Gluten-Free

Good Food, Gluten Free

Celiac Awareness

on March 27, 2012

So…I know it’s been nearly a week since I updated, but I think everyone can agree that it was for a good reason!  I’ve been sharing so much of the *bummer* side of living gf, that I am excited to announce the “glass half full” part of gluten-freedom (aside from feeling so much better…).

This weekend my momma and I went to the Celiac Awareness Tour in Indianapolis, IN.  It was a bit of a drive, but it was a lot of fun and so worth it!  I got tons of information, coupons, free samples, and met a lot of people who have great stories to share and are super helpful.  It was really much smaller than I expected, but that’s okay.  It sometimes makes it easier to share and learn when you start off in a small group.

The most exciting thing for me was learning that there’s a whole group out there that has been through many of the same struggles I’m dealing with now.  It’s so nice to see that misery isn’t always awaiting the end of a meal out, and that people are so willing to help out. 

Here I am taking pictures out of the car as we are pulling up!

I have tons of info and fun pictures from the weekend (because you KNOW shopping was involved after), but I’d like to keep this post short and sweet.  Check out the list at the links posted above, or feel free to share others you know of.  (I know a big one is going to be in Chicago in April).  If you haven’t been to a gfree conference, I recommend getting your butt there ASAP!



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