Glutton for Gluten-Free

Good Food, Gluten Free

About Me

Hi!  So nice of you to stop by.


I am a high school teacher, and it is a challenging but rewarding career.  I have lots of stories to share.

I love cupcakes, coffee, and canoeing.  Well, I actually prefer kayaking.  I got really nervous after typing cupcakes and coffee though because I felt pressured to alliterate properly so I chose canoeing.  They are similar hobbies.

I also like dogs, organizing, and exercising.

I am not good at making a normal face in pictures, but I’m sure that one day I will grow out of that.  I don’t like to take life seriously though, and I think I look a little funny if I don’t have a weird face in photos so maybe I won’t.


Recently diagnosed with celiac, I’m battling my way through a gluten-filled world.  Gluten and I are frenemies.  But really it’s more a love-hate relationship because I love it, and it hates me.

I have a similar relationship with my puppy, Lola.  I’m actually a little obsessed.

 This was Lolie as a puppy.  She looks so innocent right?  It’s completely an act.  She hates me.  I love her anyway.

This is baby Lola with her twin, Sugar.  Sugar is my dog, but she stayed with my parents when I went away to college.  I needed a miniature version of Sugar so I didn’t miss her so much.  Sugar does not hate me, she loves me a lot. 🙂 That, however, is a story for another post.

This is big-girl Lola. She is adorable and knows it.  She is actually deaf, so I find that I baby her a lot.  Speaking of babies, she LOOOOOVES babies.  Not to eat, just to taste.  She might accidentally lick a baby to death one day, but it will be out of love.

Aside from Lola, I also have a second family member.  It’s my husband.  He can be strange, but that’s why we love him.

He is picture shy, and at least a foot taller than me, so his head gets cut off in pictures often.


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