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Yesterday invol…

Yesterday involved a lot of processed gf foods for me.  I had both bread and pasta.  Because those items aren’t cheap, I made myself use the leftover pasta in my lunch today.  It’s not that it didn’t taste good, because let me tell you, that pasta could be the best substitute I’ve ever tasted.  (I’ll share all the details on it in a future post.)  Even the super-picky husband couldn’t tell it wasn’t wheat.  However, these replicas, though they taste good, leave me a little energy-less.  My body prefers real foods.  To make up for my tired body, I tried to make-up for my Wednesday with a healthy breakfast and dinner.  Breakfast was boring, but dinner was quick, easy, and healthy.


I had some grilled salmon for dinner, it wasn’t as interesting to see as the extras though.  On the side, I had a baked sweet potato with hot sauce as well as this brown rice.

Super-Easy Brown Rice 

  • 3 cans of condensed GF soup (I used organic valley)
  • 1 can of brown rice
  • 1/3 can of water
  • 2 cans of frozen peas
  1. Mix it all together in an oven safe dish.  
  2. Bake for 1 and half hours at 350 degrees.

I like my rice a little chewier, so I cut the time back by 15 minutes.  Super easy to make when you’re low on energy.

I also used the extra sweet potato I baked for a recipe that will appear in my lunch tomorrow.  I ended up the evening with a Vega/chocolate yogurt smoothie.  (Still not good…)  Hopefully the attempt at some naturally gf foods will up the energy level for Friday!  I expect I’ll need it.

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What haven’t I eaten?

That is a more accurate description of my What I ate Wednesday.

Breakfast started off with a giant Dunkin’ Donuts coconut coffee.  Cream, no sweetener.  I know it’s probably not healthy, but that coconut coffee has quite the allure at 6am.  Or anytime if you’re me and love coffee and coconut.  I was rushed to a meeting rather than having quality time with my breakfast as I prefer, so I scarfed a banana and some almond butter.

Mid-morning snack = Larabar in Key Lime Pie with a new favorite.  La Croix COCONUT!

A recycled picture of lunch.  Berry Pecan salad.  Also, included in lunch was a PB and J on the last 2 slices of Udi’s bread.

Dinner was some NEW spaghetti from the Celiac Awareness Tour, red sauce, and a cut up chicken sausage.  I also had some crudite on the side.

And for dessert – 2 Smooze popsicles!  I bought these mainly to get a taste so I could re-create this combo in the future.  Boy WILL I.  I LOVE coconut (we all know I’m a little obsessed), but just as much I love pineapple.  What a nice summer-y treat!  It is simply coconut milk and pineapple juice mixed with some agave nectar.  I love every bit of these!  They were even worth the $3 for the convenience of a no-mess clean up.

I’ll probably have another tonight!

I have a lot of info and pictures still to share from the conference, along with reviews of some of the products I hauled.  I have a few more to try, so as soon as I get that finished I’ll let you know!


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Celiac Awareness

So…I know it’s been nearly a week since I updated, but I think everyone can agree that it was for a good reason!  I’ve been sharing so much of the *bummer* side of living gf, that I am excited to announce the “glass half full” part of gluten-freedom (aside from feeling so much better…).

This weekend my momma and I went to the Celiac Awareness Tour in Indianapolis, IN.  It was a bit of a drive, but it was a lot of fun and so worth it!  I got tons of information, coupons, free samples, and met a lot of people who have great stories to share and are super helpful.  It was really much smaller than I expected, but that’s okay.  It sometimes makes it easier to share and learn when you start off in a small group.

The most exciting thing for me was learning that there’s a whole group out there that has been through many of the same struggles I’m dealing with now.  It’s so nice to see that misery isn’t always awaiting the end of a meal out, and that people are so willing to help out. 

Here I am taking pictures out of the car as we are pulling up!

I have tons of info and fun pictures from the weekend (because you KNOW shopping was involved after), but I’d like to keep this post short and sweet.  Check out the list at the links posted above, or feel free to share others you know of.  (I know a big one is going to be in Chicago in April).  If you haven’t been to a gfree conference, I recommend getting your butt there ASAP!


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