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What haven’t I eaten?

on March 28, 2012

That is a more accurate description of my What I ate Wednesday.

Breakfast started off with a giant Dunkin’ Donuts coconut coffee.  Cream, no sweetener.  I know it’s probably not healthy, but that coconut coffee has quite the allure at 6am.  Or anytime if you’re me and love coffee and coconut.  I was rushed to a meeting rather than having quality time with my breakfast as I prefer, so I scarfed a banana and some almond butter.

Mid-morning snack = Larabar in Key Lime Pie with a new favorite.  La Croix COCONUT!

A recycled picture of lunch.  Berry Pecan salad.  Also, included in lunch was a PB and J on the last 2 slices of Udi’s bread.

Dinner was some NEW spaghetti from the Celiac Awareness Tour, red sauce, and a cut up chicken sausage.  I also had some crudite on the side.

And for dessert – 2 Smooze popsicles!  I bought these mainly to get a taste so I could re-create this combo in the future.  Boy WILL I.  I LOVE coconut (we all know I’m a little obsessed), but just as much I love pineapple.  What a nice summer-y treat!  It is simply coconut milk and pineapple juice mixed with some agave nectar.  I love every bit of these!  They were even worth the $3 for the convenience of a no-mess clean up.

I’ll probably have another tonight!

I have a lot of info and pictures still to share from the conference, along with reviews of some of the products I hauled.  I have a few more to try, so as soon as I get that finished I’ll let you know!



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